Alfred's Room
Booth / lo stools. / 2 / 3 / 4

Re-design of an un-loved corridor / locker space, to make a common room for students of King Alfred's School. Comissioned by Andree Cooke, and constructed as part of a series of workshops with kids from the school.

The plan consisted of a new floor of black quarry tiles, installing new central doors to link directly with outdoor space, re-surfacing existing picnic benches for use outside, and building a series of booths along the length of the room, in douglas fir, each booth having a table using the same re-cycled plastic sheet as used on the picnic tables. Facing out to the outdoor space we made two high counters using planks of an ash tree felled at the school a year earlier. The project was built as part of a D&T workshop with groups of kids form the school.

See interview & workshop images here.