Harts Lane Tower.

Made for an exhibition exploring the edges of designers output.

‘Between Art and Reality’ brings together a group of Designers who work within the built environment mainly through the theory of Interior or Interventional design. Their engagement with the built environment is revealed in their art making, through working in response to a brief or circumstance. That process can be a kind of reverse engineering creating work that occupies a place that is the distance between intention and the finished article; to express an idea or thought, not necessarily a final solution but a lyrical exploration of space or an object in space. This distance is about encountering anything beyond your immediate environs and processes and is to encounter it as a tourist, you are basically discovering or rediscovering and viewing things in a different way making and recording this journey ‘for’ a project but not necessarily ‘of’ it. These works; a series of collages, pencil drawings, a cardboard model or lines from a poem provide a unique insight into the work and thoughts of the Designer.

Featuring: Richard Blurton, Kevin Brennan, Stephen Donald, Ben Kelly, Michael Marriott, Elena Massucco, Pat Meagher, Susan Minter, Sigrun Sverrisdottir, Gerard Taylor, Ben Wilson and Howard Bates.