Door Stop
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Commissioned by Panel, this project required partnering with a Park Royal based manufacturer to produce a limited edition product. Working with specialist bronze alloy manufacturer, DYN Metals, we made a door stop that utilised their highly specific & extremely precise ways to realise a phosphor bronze part, which is attached to a painted steel handle to allow ease of movement.

I was interested in using bronze, as a material that is not so often seen. Typically it acts a component within a mechanical device, using it's naturally lubricating and non-corrosive qualities to make the thing run smooth, or otherwise used in sculpture, where it is mostly patinated or painted. I wanted the material to be used for what it was; heavy, warm, & beautifully machined, and combine it with another usually hidden material, re-bar. With it's rhymically tactile surface, re-bar is normally relegated to reinforcing concrete structures.

Limited edition of 50 available here!

Fotos - Angus Mill.